Effects of Poultry Manure, N. P. K Fertilizer and Their Combination on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Pepper

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P. Atta Poku Snr
C. G. Kyere
P. A. Poku Jnr
E. Oppong
G. Twumasi


The objective of the experiment was to investigate the influence of organic (poultry) manure, inorganic manure (N.P.K) and their combination on the growth and yield of sweet pepper in the transitional zone of Ghana. The experiment was conducted at the research field of the College of Agriculture Education, University of Education Winneba, Mampong campus in 2017. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) which consisted of four treatments with 4 replications. The treatment groups were: Control (no soil amendment), 10 t/ha PM, 300 kg/ha N.P.K, and 5 t/ha PM + 150 kg/ha N.P.K. All the treatments were given fair and equal attention in terms of watering, weeding and disease and pest control. The result showed that 10 t/ha PM recorded (P=.05) the tallest plant height, greater number of leaves and leaf area per plant, days taken for 50% bud appearance and flowering, the highest number of flowers per plant and the minimum days to fruit set, highest number of fruit set minimum days to harvesting with the control been the least in all traits. Similarly, 10 t/ha PM recorded (P=.05) had the highest number of fruits per plant, average fruit weight and fruit yield while the control treatment recorded the least in all traits. This study concludes that the application of poultry manure improves the productivity of sweet pepper. This study recommends that 10 t/ha PM is an ideal for maximum vegetative growth and yield of sweet pepper.

Sweet pepper, poultry manure, N.P.K fertilizer, vegetative growth, yield.

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Snr, P. A. P., Kyere, C. G., Jnr, P. A. P., Oppong, E., & Twumasi, G. (2020). Effects of Poultry Manure, N. P. K Fertilizer and Their Combination on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Pepper. Asian Journal of Agricultural and Horticultural Research, 5(1), 14-22. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajahr/2020/v5i130039
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