Effect of Fertilizer Doses on Turmeric at Madhupur Tract under AEZ-28

Md. Abdul Helim Khan *

On-Farm Research Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Tangail, Bangladesh.

Md. Mahmudur Rahman

On-Farm Research Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Tangail, Bangladesh.

Tahera Tasmima

On-Farm Research Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Tangail, Bangladesh.

Nargis Sultana

On-Farm Research Division, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


A field experiment was conducted at MLT site, Madhupur (AEZ-28), Tangail during 2020-21 and 2021-22 to find out an optimum fertilizer dose of turmeric in Madhupur tract and increase productivity and economic return of the farmers. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design with five compact replications. The tested six treatment combinations were  as T1:  STB as per FRG’ 2018 (116-27-77-8-1.5-1.2 kg NPKSZnB ha-1 ), T2 : T1 + 20% extra NK (139-27-92-8-1.5-1.2 kg NPKSZnB ha-1), T3 :T1 + 20% extra NKS (139-27-92-9.6-1.5-1.2 kg NPKSZnB ha-1), T4 :T1 + 20% extra NKSZn (139-27-92-8-1.8-1.2 kg NPKSZnB ha-1), T5 : IPNS basis fertilizer with 5 t ha-1 cow dung (91-20-66-8-1.5-1.2 kg NPKSZnB ha-1) and T6 : Farmers’ practice (115-50-125 kg NPK ha-1).  BARI Halud-5 was used as test crop in this experiment.  The unit plot size was 8m × 5m and spacing was maintained as 50 cm apart rows with plant to plant 25 cm. Seeds (rhizome) were planted @ 2000 kg ha-1 during 14-20 April, 2020 and 10-15 April 2021. The treatments showed significant differences in terms of yield and yield contributing characters.  The highest fresh rhizome yield (17.13 t ha-1) was recorded from IPNS basis fertilizer with 5 t ha-1 cow dung i.e. (91-20-66-8-1.5-1.2 kg NPKSZnB ha-1) treatment combination. The highest gross return (Tk.256950 ha-1) and gross margin (Tk.136740 ha-1) were recorded from the (T5) same treatment The marginal benefit cost ratio (3.79) was also highest in IPNS basis fertilizer with 5 t ha-1 cow dung i.e. (91-20-66-8-1.5-1.2 kg NPKSZnB ha-1) which further indicated the superiority among the treatments.

Keywords: Organic manure, yield parameters, soil fertility, farmers’ field, productivity

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Khan, M. A. H., Rahman, M. M., Tasmima, T., & Sultana, N. (2023). Effect of Fertilizer Doses on Turmeric at Madhupur Tract under AEZ-28. Asian Journal of Agricultural and Horticultural Research, 10(4), 507–515. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajahr/2023/v10i4290


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