Growing Media Quality and Plug Cell Volume would be Interactive Abiotic Stresses for Impatiens walleriana Pot Yield

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J. De Lojo
E. Gandolfo
E. Giardina
C. Boschi
A. Di Benedetto


Higher bedding plant yields per unit greenhouse area was reaching through two grower´s currently decision-making: plug cell volume during nursery and growing media quality for both nursery and pot cycle. With the goal of maximizing bedding plant yield to identify the main limiting factor at the pot stage, we evaluated Impatiens walleriana yield to the end of the pot growth stage when four different pre-transplant cell volume and four pre or post-transplant growing media with different physical properties were used. The hypothesis tested was that only one of the potentially negative stress source (pre-transplant cell volume or growing medium quality) is the main responsible for decreasing biomass accumulation at the post-transplant pot growing cycle. The experimental design was a randomised factorial with three blocks of five single-pot replications of each treatment combination (plug cell volume × growing medium × pre- and post-transplant).The main result was that, in I. walleriana seedlings, the combining abiotic stresses imposed by both the growing medium quality and nursery plug cell volume defined biomass accumulation (on a fresh and dry base), leaf area expanded and photo assimilates partitioned as opposed to a previous report, which indicate that that growing media quality would be a more limited factor than plug cell volume for I. walleriana seedlings during nursery.

Abiotic stress, aesthetic traits, bedding plants, growth parameters

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Lojo, J. D., Gandolfo, E., Giardina, E., Boschi, C., & Benedetto, A. D. (2019). Growing Media Quality and Plug Cell Volume would be Interactive Abiotic Stresses for Impatiens walleriana Pot Yield. Asian Journal of Agricultural and Horticultural Research, 4(1), 1-14.
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